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Cervical Pillow

Side-sleepers, get psyched.

Sleep on your back or side? Get to know our Cervical Contour pillow. It looks different because it is. After your first night of amazing sleep, you will be, too.

Perfect Height

Choose from multiple, ergonomically-engineered sleep heights until you find the one that’s right for you.

Comfortable Contour

Let Lofty’s plush, cooling, ultra-premium memory foam contour to the shape of your head for a perfectly-aligned night’s sleep.

Precise Alignment

With your neck and shoulders perfectly aligned, you’ll stop flipping, folding and fighting your pillow—and start sleeping better right away.

Cooling Foam

Lofty’s ultra-premium memory foam and quilted, hypoallergenic cover are designed to breathe, so you stay cool and comfortable all night.

Ultra Slim Pillow

Put your pillow on a diet.

Stomach sleeper? Think thin.

Most pillows put too much stress on your shoulders and neck. Not Lofty. Our Ultra-Thin Dream Pillow is designed with a low, 3” profile that’s about to change everything about the way you sleep.

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We’ve got your back. (And your front.)

Sleep on your stomach or back? The Plush Luxury Pillow is crafted with soft, ultra-premium memory foam for firm, comfortable support that’s ergonomically engineered to keep your head and neck aligned—in a cool, quilted, hypoallergenic cover.

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“…an amazing night sleep and no aches in the morning for neck pain sufferers like me! Wow!” – Honest Mom

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