Better by design.

Lofty is different.
So are the people who make it.

Lofty was founded in 2014 in southern California with a simple mission: to create the world's best pillows. From our ultra-premium materials to our ergonomically engineered designs, we think we’ve done it. We think you’ll agree. And if you don’t, you’ll discover the customer service experience of your dreams.


Everyone sleeps differently. So why does everyone get the same generic, one-size-fits-all pillow? We’d spent enough time folding, flipping and fighting our own pillows to know—there had to be a better way. After years of research, we found one. More than one, actually. Try Lofty and see how we did. We think you’ll agree—better pillow design was long overdue.


Lofty costs a little (very little) more than other pillows. So you have a right to expect a higher level of quality. We’re good with that. From our breathable, ultra-premium memory foam to our hypoallergenic, washable covers, your Lofty is built to last for years. And if you’re ever anything less than satisfied, put our 100% satisfaction guarantee to the test.

Environmentally Friendly

Most memory foam pillows require a day or two of “off-gassing” before you can even sleep on them. We thought you’d want to get better sleep right away. That’s why Lofty’s ultra-premium memory foam contains no toxic chemicals, solvent-based adhesives or hazardous flame retardants—so you can start getting better sleep the minute you open the box. We sleep better at night knowing Lofty is environmentally friendly. You will, too.

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