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Wonderful pillow for neck issues!

We have two of these pillows in our household now. I've got parasthesia in my left arm (constant numbing and falling asleep at night) and this pillow makes it easier for me to tolerate this condition by supporting my neck better than a traditional pillow. It keeps nerve function in my arm and neck better aligned because I don't wind up in odd positions with my neck at night. I love these pillows, and have been recommending them every since we got them. Try it!

Soft and comfortable

Pillow cases for the pillow just right. Very is a unique shaped pillow. Thanks for sending me extra cases..


Finally found my pillow

Great sleep

I’m not the most relaxed sleeper. I received the pillow yesterday and slept on it for the first time. The most relaxing sleep I’ve had in a long time and I’m positive it will get better as my body gets more used to it.


Butterfly Cervical Pillow

Great pillow

Bought this pillow for its design. Love it.

Comfy and doesn't get hot

Fabulous pillow for a side or back sleeper. It's easy to manipulate to find the perfect position. I wish it was slightly taller, but I like to slightly sit up when I sleep. Doesn't get hot or uncomfortable like other foam options do. Regular pillow case fits over it easily. Highly recommend to those who have neck tension or shoulder problems. Supremely comfy.

Excellent Pillow for Back and Side Sleepers! Great Quality

This Pillow is Amazing! Very Comfortable for Back sleepers specially. I put another very soft pillow underneath it to sleep on my side and it's perfect! Great price for the excellent quality!

Take the chance and try this pillow!!

This pillow is what I have spent YEARS looking for!! No more neck & shoulder pain caused buy sleeping on inadequate pillows. Finally the search is OVER! I will buy another! Another thing is I am very sensitive to heat and this pillow stays comfortable.

great pillow

I've been searching forever and finally found a pillow that will work for me. I was on a long hunt after my favorite pillow was re-designed and did not work. I'm a side sleeper and depending on the mattress I can select a section that will support my head and neck properly. The foam is good quality, dense and supportive but not stiff. I do not feel any pressure on ears or jaw like some others. Once out of the plastic bag it did not stink, and I am very sensitive to smells. The plastic bag did stink, so remove it before judging. Customer service was great and sent me a replacement cover since it was damaged when it arrived. I'm going to order more to store, just in case. :-)

Five Stars

no more pain in my neck. really comfartable!

Great Pillow for All Sleep Positions

I know that a lot of people complained that this pillow was very hard. I did not find that to be true at all. Perhaps if you're going from a regular fiber filled pillow that is very malleable to this, I could see where it may seem hard. I had a very expense Temperpedic memory foam pillow and to me this was not hard at all. I also have to wonder if it has to do with the climate you live it. I'm in AZ where it's very warm so the foam doesn't get very cold and thus hard. The instructions clearly say to let the pillow warm up if it's been in a cold truck so I could also see where it may seem harder to those who live in a colder climate.I LOVE that it retains it's shape and I find it perfect for sleeping in any position (back, side or even stomach). I am trying to not sleep with an arm under my head because it's causing me shoulder issues and this one is perfect. It's high enough that I don't need to use an arm. For the price, I am very happy with this pillow.

... pillows over the years and this one is the best so far

I have used several other cervical pillows over the years and this one is the best so far. Perfect for both side and back sleeping.

Five Stars

Best sleep in the last 2 years!

this one worked out the best and relieves my neck pain best

Out of several neck pillows that I've bought, this one worked out the best and relieves my neck pain best. I like that the 2 sides have a differing height that allows you to pick what kind of neck support adjustment you need on a particular night, basically one side feels a bit higher than the other.

Love this pillow

Love this pillow! It is comfortable for my side and back sleeping. It supports my neck and doesn't pinch my shoulders!

UNBELIVEABLE!!! They are an amazing company to work with!!!

This pillow was too soft for me since I sleep on my side and have a neck injury. However when I reached out to the company directly they not only refunded my money promptly they told me to keep the first pillow and send a second firmer pillow at no charge. While the second pillow was too firm for my use I did give it a week's trial. I have never had a pillow company do that for me before. Since my neck injury I have tried literally dozens of pillows with varying degrees of success but this company went WAY above and beyond!!!

Four Stars

Great pillow. I still wake up with neck pain, but this has definitely helped me get to sleep.

Better support = better quality sleep

This pillow is great! I was hesitant to purchase one, but as I read more of the reviews left by other satisfied customers, I'm glad I gave this product a chance. My neck and upper back feel so much better since I've been using this pillow to sleep on. Whether I sleep on my side or on my back, this pillow supports me in just the right way so I don't end up with an ache in my neck in the morning. My sleep quality has been greatly improved because of this. Thank you for offering this pillow. I would highly recommend it!

Best Pillow Ever!!!

I have arthritis in my neck and shoulders. For quite some time I've been waking up stiff and painful. I was hesitant in buying this pillow without seeing and feeling it, but am so glad I took the chance and bought it. It's firmer than what I'm use to, as some have mentioned. After the first night of use I woke up with no stiffness or pain. I sleep on both my back and sides. When turning on my sides it's like rolling on to a cloud. I recommend this pillow for anyone with stiffness and/or pain in their neck and shoulders. This pillow is amazing and the best item I've ever boughton-line. I hope that everyone who buys it has the same outcome that I've had.


Wonderful pillow for those with neck problems.

Luxuriously soft, yet supportive - must try!

This may be the most luxuriously soft foam pillow I've ever felt - yet still gives good support! I don't mean soft as in it caves in and doesn't hold you up, it retains its shape and support while still being incredibly soft and not rigid. Even softer than memory foam (yet supportive). It does not feel at all like other foam pillows. It appears to be of good quality, as well. I don't know the best way to describe it - just try it and see for yourself! The company more or less guarantees the pillow so if you're unsure about ordering it, contact them regarding their return policy/customer satisfaction policy. They were great to work with!

I love sleep side but hate traditional square pillow

I love sleep side but hate traditional square pillow. Never give my nick proper support. I work stating at computer fir 11 hours day. My neck is always stiff and soar. I been using this for 3 days now. Have admit it's pretty comfy so far. I even noticed that my neck wasn't as achy today. I like fact that when I'm side ways pillow isn't suffocating my face, due to nature of shape. Hope it last. Will update if it doesn't. So far so good.

Best Night Sleep in Months!!

First night down, and I am very satisfied. Perfect support for my neck and head. No pressure was on my head at all. I slept straight through the night for the first time in a very long time. I even woke up refreshed and feeling good. My previous pillow choices were temper-pedic, and a bed bath and beyond foam pillow.

Five Stars

The pillow is extremely comfortable and appears well-made. Very pleased with this purchase.

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